Meet my new little eater!

Time goes by and now my Kasabian is eating! Happy, excited and feeling a little sad at the same time, coz i secretly wish he didn’t grow up this quickly ha ha. He turned 6 month a couple of weeks ago, and we started his solid food with red rice that we grind to make sure its smooth enough for him then we moved on to veggies and fruits and today is a new menu we gave him Kabocha or sometimes people called it Japanese pumpkin and he loved it! Just like my first experience with Dylan i want all his first foods is something that is natural, healthy, no sugar or salt and nothing instant. I find all this first time experience tasting food is very important to build their eating habit in the future. Dylan tend to eat whatever food i gave him and i find him not too picky when it comes to food even though of course there are just days when he choses something over another but i got no food issues with him especially fruits, he is a fruit monster ha ha. So, i hope by building the same kinda habit Kasabian will turn out the same coz i know food & toddler sometimes doesn’t combines so well and  its just a world class problem for most mom ( sigh ) . 


You see the curls on the right side of his head ? Yup, thats my legacy.




I do have some favourite brand for eating utensils. The most important thing if its plastic then i make sure its BPA free, doesn’t have a sharp edge and probably eye catching and colourful ha ha. In the picture features some of my favourite product ;

  • The high chair : Bumbo Table Companion in Lime. This is my first time buying this table companion, its comfy, safe but i never left him alone. He liked it but its a bit small for Kasabian so maybe i’m not gonna use it for a long time ( too bad ) . More information here .
  • The bowl : Skiphop Zoo Tableware ( monkey ). Everyone that knows me well knows that I super love Skiphop and all its range of products, the backpack, the lunch bag, the hamper, the book end and so on. But the tableware is so likeable coz the quality is so good, its melamine, BPA free of course, Dylan has the owl collection and still used it after a year, the colour has not fade a bit, super recommended! You can see all the collection here .
  • The sippy : Boon Fluid Sippy in Cherry. One of the best brand that i like, been buying it since Dylan’s first solid and i’m very loyal ever since. This sippy is actually for 9 mos but i like how it just comes out in drops so the babies can processed swallowing the water slowly and wont get choked or anything and please note how striking the colours is ! For Boon’s products see details here .
  • The spoon : Munchkin Soft Tip Infant Spoon. Its soft, its colourful , it comes in 6 spoon in one pack whats not to love? Just like they say its the little things that counts! Here for more details .
  • The bib : Ulubulu Silicone Bibs in Bot The Robot . Dylan use the Ulubulu Hank the Elephant until now and its all still so good. Easy to wash, to fold and after a year the colour or the picture has not fade a bit, best . Details is up here .

For all Indonesian readers you can get the products from a local online shop, my favourite is in Tinkiwinki baby toys and Babybubebo shop on Facebook . Hope you all have a delight first time experience with solids !


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